Winslow Hall
1610 Rental
William Lowndes the Angell 94 acres of land
One ancient shop in the market place
1651 Surrender: William Lowndes
Admission: Robert Lowndes and Elizabeth his wife
and on failure of issue to Wendover Lowndes:
Angell with 93 acres of land
1652 19 November
William son of Robert Lowndes baptised at Winslow.
[My own mother was the daughter of Anne one of the daughters of Mr Peter Figge the elder above named by Mr John Fitzwilliam]
1654 28 May Will of William Lowndes of Winslow yeoman
Leaves to his son Robert
All moveable goods which are mine at or in the house called the Angell in Winslow
To son Wendover
All my working tooles and all the plough timber in the chamber over the shopp and all the iron in the shidg
1664 Surrender: Robert Lowndes and Elizabeth his wife
Admission: Andrew Campion
Messuage or tenement in Winslow called the Angell
1666 Surrender: Andrew Campion, Robert Lowndes and Elizabeth his wife Admission: William Emerton of Alberry Herts gent
Messuage or tenement, shop, barn, stables, buildings, yard called the Angell
1667 Lowndes notes           D/LO 4/2

I who in the year 1667 came from Winslow the place of my birth to the city to abide there....
1670 Surrender: Robert Lowndes and his wife
Admission: Edward Palmer of London wine cooper
All interest of Robert Lowndes and Elizabeth his wife in the Angell Inn
1678 Surrender: Edward Palmer and Susanna his wife
Admission: William Lowndes of St Martins in the Fields, Scivener
72 acres formerly surrendered by Robert Lowndes of Winslow to said
Edward Palmer
1679 William Lowndes first appointment in the Treasury
1679 26 October
William Lowndes marries Elizabeth Harsnett at St Martin in the Fields, Westminister
1680 8 November
Robert son of William and Elizabeth Lowndes baptised St Margaret's Westminster
1680 Death of Elizabeth wife of William Lowndes.
1683 29 January Burial of Robert Lowndes at Winslow
1683 25 November
William Lowndes marries Jane Hooper at St Clement Danes, London
1684 6 September
Ann dau William and Jane Lowndes baptised at St Margarets Westminster
1685 Death of Jane 2nd wife of William Lowndes
1685 9 October
Surrender: Thomas Halfpenny and Mary his wife
Admission: William Lowndes gent
Messuage in Sheep Street adjoining to the tenement of Stephen Bigg on the west with the yards orchards sheep pens
[Mentioned in 1703 settlement in the area included Pond Close one of ye Rose Closes and all Norden except one acre. Total 33 1/2 acres, purchase price �10 15s]
1686 12 July William Lowndes married Elizabeth daughter of Richard Martyn D.D.
1687 22 October
William son of William and Elizabeth Lowndes baptised
[Ancestor of Lowndes of Astwood Bury]
1688 12 January
Elizabeth daughter William and Elizabeth Lowndes baptised St Margarets Westminster
1689 Death of Elizabeth 3rd wife of William Lowndes.
1691 29 Nov William Lowndes married Rebecca daughter of John Shales
1692 October
Surrender: John Dymock and Jane his wife
Admission: William Lowndes of Westminster gent
Messuage or tenement in Sheep Street..... Benjamin Scott west and John Seaton jnr East
[Mentioned in 1703 marriage settlement of Robert Lowndes and Margaret Atcherley as site of John Dymock's house, purchase price 400 "This was a brick house standing near the street pulled down to build my new house"]
[Also in Winslow Hall building accounts "for work in taking down cleaning and stacking 60,000 bricks and 12,000 tiles from the old house of Mr Lowndes at Winslow �7 4s 0d for work in pulling down ye ceiling and portions of ye same 12s 8d for work in taking down the roof 10s 8d]
1693 Charles son of William and Rebecca Lowndes born
[Ancestor of Lowndes of Chesham]
1695 24 April William Lowndes succeeds Henry Guy as Secretary to the Treasury
[His share of the fees for the first year of office approached �2,440 - DNB]
1695 25 October
Surrender: Benjamin Scott and Elizabeth his wife and Anne Scott widow Admission: William Lowndes of Westminster
Messuage or Tenement in Winslow in which the said Benjamin Scott and Ann Scott widow now inhabit
[mentioned in 1703 marriage settlement purchase price �280 "in the sheep street now demolished to build my new house"]
[Also in Winslow Hall building accounts "paid for work in pulling down Scotts house which stood in the street next that in ye tenure of Ben Sounders" 3s 0d]
1695 October - November
William Lowndes pays George London and Henry Wise, his Majestry's Gardeners, for fruit trees "to plant the garden then made now next ye new house"
1695 12 November
William Lowndes returned as Member of Parliament for Seaford, one of the Cinque Ports
1697 29 May
William Lowndes of Westminster Esq purchases from Nicho1as Goodwin of Hammersmith gent and others

The Manor of Winslow with Little Horwood, Shipton and Granborough
8 acres dispersed in Winslow Field
The Town of Wins1ow with the fairs and market
The Rectory impropriate of Winslow and Shipton
2 acres and a barn in Parsonage Close
[Mentioned in 1703 Marriage Settlement, purchase price �4,900. Theses are all let together to Robert Gibbs at an old rent of �220]
1703 24 June
Robert son of William Lowndes marries Margaret Atcherley at St Stephens Shoreditch
1706 7 Oct Richard son of Robert and Margaret Lowndes baptised St Martin in the Fields
1720 Cottage in Sheep Street surrendered to William Lowndes
["Demolished to open the view from my sons house towards Granborough"]
1724 Death of William Lowndes. Buried in vault in Chancel of Winslow Church. Will mentions "all my books in my new closet at Chesham" and "my house newly built there called the Bury"
1730 8 Oct Charles Lowndes married Ann Shales St Giles Cripplegate
1740 19 April Mary Lowndes buried at Chesham in 39 year
[dau William & Rebecca Lowndes]
1750 14 July
Joseph Lowndes, son of William & Rebecca buried at Chesham aged 39 years
1765 Winslow Inclosure Act
1766 William Lowndes marries Mary daughter of Thomas Goostrey
1767 Winslow Inclosure Award. William Lowndes receives multiple allotments and builds new farms like Tuckey Farm.
1767 Birth of William son of William and Mary Lowndes
1772 Will of Thomas James Selby of Whaddon leaving property to his friend
William Lowndes who was to take the name of Selby to become his lawful heir
1775 17 October Richard Lowndes buried at Winslow
1786 13 June Sun Fire Insurance 337/518991

William Selby of Winslow Esquire On his buildings and goods as particularly expressed on the back of this policy viz;
On his dwelling house, kitchen, brewhouse and offices adjoining,
  brick tiled and leaded £3,000
  Household goods therein £200
  China and glass £30
  Coachhouse, stables and laundry only adjoining separate, brick and tiled £400
  Barn and dog kennel only adjoining separate, brick timber and tiled £60
  Three tenements only adjoining in Ship Street in the tenure of Church and others £30
  House only in the tenure of John Cox farmer, brick and tiled £100
  Barn and stable only adjoining separate £20
  House only in the tenure of Lee saddler, brick and tiled £60
  House only in the tenure of Bignell baker  brick and tiled £80
  House only in the tenure of William Bunce £10
  House only in the tenure of Keys farmer £60
  Barn only separate, brick pannelled and tiled £40
  Barn only separate £10
  House only in the tenure of Read farmer, brick panelled and tiled £100
  Barn only adjoining (not communicating) £40
  Barn and woodhouse only adjoining separate £30
  Barn only separate, timber and tiled £20
  Barn only separate £20
  House and barn only adjoining in the tenure of Henry Cox private.
brick and tiled
  House only in the tenure of Hillier farmer, brick and tiled £80
  Barn and stable only adjoining separate £60
  House gate house woodhouse stable and barns adjoining at Shipen in the tenure of Brandon £120
  Two tenements only adjoining in the tenure of Evans and others £30
  House and dairy house only adjoining separate in the tenure of Wilson farmer, brick and tiled £100
  Cowhouse stable and barn only adjoining separate £40
  Farmhouse only separate in the tenure of Thomas Ingram farmer,
brick and tiled
  Barn and two stables only adjoining separate £70
  Barn and two cowhouses only adjoining separate £70
  All thatched except otherwise mentioned and situate in the Parish of Winslow aforesaid  
1807 5 Nov. Birth of William son of William and Lucy Selby Lowndes
1813 10 May William Selby Esq of Winslow buried at Winslow aged 78
1832 28 June William Selby Lowndes married Lucy daughter of Isaac Rawlings Hartman
1836 13 Nov. Birth of William son of William and Lucy Selby Lowndes
1840 26 May
William Selby Lowndes Lowndes of Winslow and Whaddon buried at Winslow aged 73 years
1841 Census Winslow Hall
William Lowndes                                         30
Lucy Lowndes nee Hartman Wife                  30
Essex Lowndes              Daughter               5
William Lowndes             Son                      4
John                             Son                      2
Lucy                             Daughter               1
Cressedor                     Daughter               2 months
Clara Hartman               Sister In Law          25
8 Servants
1851 Census shows Winslow Hall
Henry Lovell     Schoolmaster    41
6 Children
3 Teachers
27 Schoolboys
6 Servants
1861 Census Winslow Hall
Henry Lovell     Schoolmaster     50
7 Children
4 Teachers
27 Schoolboys
7 Servants
1863 Bucks Herald 21 Feb
Presentation to to Dr Lovell, lately of Winslow Hall, recently removed to Apsley Guise, Beds, where he has purchased more commodious school premises � fourteen years residence
1871 Census Winslow Hall
John Lane JP
1873 2 June
1) William Selby Lowndes of Whaddon Hall Esq
2) Henry Ralph Lambton of 47 Eaton Place Middlesex
14 year lease of Winslow Hall
1881 Census
Bertha Lambton                     11
Margaret Lambton                  8
Dorothy Lambton                   7
6 Servants
2 Grooms
2 Stablemen
1887 Kelly's Directory
Chinnery, Henry Joseph, Winslow Hall
1891 Census
1897 27th July Sale of Winslow Estate by William Selby Lowndes.
[The Hall is not sold]
1897 1 December
Norman McCorquodale buys Winslow Hall
[A branch of his family's printing works had been opened in Wolverton in 1878]
1898 19 Nov. Birth of Norman Duncan son of Norman and Constance Helena McCorquodale
1901 Census
Servants only
1909 Norman McCorquodale High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire
1913 Norman McCorquodale builds St Lawrence Room near the entrance to Winslow Parish Church
1938 3 Jan Death of Norman McCorquodale
1939 Kelly's Directory
Major Norman Duncan McCorquodale, Winslow Hall
1941 Winslow Hall requisitioned by the R A F
1947 Winslow Hall bought by Thomas Oakley Ltd demolition contractors
1948 Geoffrey Houghton Brown, an antique dealer, purchases Winslow Hall
1959 Sir Edward & Lady Tomkins move into Winslow Hall.
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